Printbox has over 90.000 worldwide users

Printbox is for everyone: students, businesses, entrepreneurs, parents, organizations

Growth of clients as indicator of successful and healthy business

There are many key performance indicators with which companies are measuring how effective they are with reaching business goals and growth. Number of clients is definitelly one of them. Looking back to the previous years, analysing effect of marketing activities etc. Clients are for sure primary target of almost every business. They bring money. And feedback about user experience for improvements and further development. That leads to customer satisfatcion. If clients are satisfied and happy, they will become loyal. We have worked hard to reach many different goals and paid attention also to factors that can not be measured with numbers. It has all started at the beginning of 2012 when we have started to gain very first clients. After 4 year and a half, we have boosted our business to over 90.000 worldwide registered clients. Together with non-registered ones there are over 93.000 clients already. Growth of registered clients proves that our business concepts and vision with establishing global network of Printbox kiosks is right.

Students, businesses, parents, organizations, societies, federations, kids

Printbox as a print on the go solution for document printing from different storage devices and cloud platforms was primarily brought to students. In universities, dormitories, university libraries. No doubt that students were the very first clients. Covering student locations only, we were focused on being widelly accessible at student locations as east and affordable colour printing solution for every student. After first 2 years of operations we have reached over 40.000 registered users. Market gave us good feedback and we have decided that it is time to bring Printbox to all general population. City libraries, shopping malls, gas stations, airport, hostels, hotels – different public locations whre we were able to provide print, copy and scan services to everyone: beside students also to parents, entrepreneurs, members of federations, organisations and other society groups. They have accepted Pritnbox in the same way as students. This has boosted growth of Printbox kiosk network and number of registered clients. Another 2 years and we have reached 90.000 registered clients. But growth was not related only to new clients in Slovenia, but in all global Printbox markets that were opened in the last 2 years.