Welcome Printbox Hungary

Printbox Hungary has started on 7th of September with very first 2 kiosks in Budapest


Budapest University welcomes Printbox solution with gratitude

Printbox team is more than satisfied and may proudly announce a new business partnership and opening new market – Printbox Hungary. Of course, it means another success in our global story of success. It also means that global Printbox kiosk network is expanding globally, making a self-service print on the go service available to many more customers. Our new business partner has decided to bring Printbox print on the go concept to Budapest and establish Printbox kiosk network across the whole Hungary territory. The whole country has a potential to have a Printbox kiosk network with over 1.000 Printbox kiosks. Our Hungary partner has a long-term vision to take Master Franchise license that will gain him exclusive rights to develop Hungarian territory. On his own or with a support of sub-franchise partners that will develop territories around Budapest. At the very start of Printbox project in Hungary, business partner has decided to start the project with 2 kiosks. It is our standard procedure to allow partners the smallest investment possible so business partners may test the market, environment, feedback from clients etc. It is important to see how Printbox fits the market and what how users will accept the solution. Placement and location selection for every Printbox kiosk has an enormous role for performance, market penetration, and future success. For that reason, our Hungarian partner placed first 2 kiosks in the main Budapest University: ELTE – Eötvös Loránd University.


The first kiosk was deployed in the Faculty of Social Sciences

Before Pritnbox Hungary project really started in the beginning of September, we had a meeting regarding market development and set strategic approach how Hungarian network should grow in the next few years. Our partner for Hungary, Mr. Zoltán Szentgyörgyi, managed deployments of his first 2 kiosks at the main Budapest University. The first Printbox kiosk was deployed in the Faculty of Social Sciences (Budapest, Pázmány Péter stny. 1/c, 1117 Hungary). The kiosk is located 10 meters of the main entry, so it is easily accessible to everybody. After kiosk was installed and running, we had a meeting with representatives of the University, which were very happy to have new printing solution in their facility. A representative of students was also present at the meeting and was even more thankful for Printbox being in their University. After the meeting and expressed good wishes for future operations and expansion, University representatives wanted to see Printbox kiosk running in person. For that reason, they have all moved to the kiosk location where our Marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc, did a complete presentation of the Printbox kiosk, advantages, and features of the whole cloud system. “This is one of the best locations to start Printbox business on a new market. No doubt this one is going to perform better than our expectations.”, Luka has shared his thoughts after that presentation.


The second kiosk stands in the biggest dormitory of ELTE


Also, the second kiosk was deployed in the main Budapest University. But not in the Faculty, but in the biggest dormitory in Budapest: Körösi Csoma Sándor Kollégium (Budapest, 1118, Dayka Gábor u. 4, 1118 Hungary). Printbox kiosk is located in the entry area in front of the reception and elevator to access student rooms. The dormitory has 600 residents. In the very near area, there are 2 other dormitories, each with 400 residents. Besides faculty, this is also one of the best possible spots to place Printbox kiosk. Dormitories have a bit different specifics comparing to faculties. In the dormitories, students have demand for printing from 8 PM till 7 AM in the next morning. Due to the fact, that Printbox kiosk runs 24/7, students might print, copy or scan their document anytime. Even in the middle of the night. For students and all dormitories, Pritnbox solution is huge added value.