Vending industry represents future solutions

After Eu’Vend & coffeena event thoughts and conslusions

Cologne unveils the biggest vending players at Eu’Vend & cofffeena fair 

Eu’Vend & coffeena is an event that represents some of the biggest players from vending industry. Visitors and investors had the opportunity to discover new trends and future business options. Printbox was present there for the first time on the first and second day of the event. We did not participate with our own stand but our CEO, Mr. Aleš Glavan, and our Marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc, took part of the event as a visitors. Their main goal was to see the future trends and requirements in vending business. They have also paid attention to the business opportunities and new partnerships with the best vending industry players.


Meeting with BDV (German Vending Association)

Due to the fact that German market has enormous potential for Printbox business and is also one of the main target territories for Printbox expansion, our team traveled to Cologne and realized several meetings at Eu’Vend & coffeena fair. Beside some major players from vending industry, Aleš Glavan and Luka Jarc were focued on a meeting with BDV. BDV is the German Vending Association (Bundesverband der Deutschen Vending-Automatenwirtschaft e.V./BDV) and is the leading industry association of manufacturers of food and beverage vending machines, vending machine operators, and food manufacturers in the industry. They are located in Cologne and are central point at the fair as well. Printbox representatives had a meeting with Mrs. Mieke Feldmann from BDV. They had a discussion about Printbox business, future vision, goals for German market and strategy to find proper partners in Germany. Printbox team has also arranged application to become a member of BDV. With such a membership Printbox will receive initial and long term support to secure new successful story across the German territory.


Eu’Vend & coffeena Night

Eu’Vend & caffeena Night is traditionally hold on Friday proclaiming the winners of different vending sectors. It was a very nice ceremony and wonderful opportunity for Aleš Glavan and Luka Jarc for networking. Music, good wine and tasty food is no doubt the best possible atmosphere for a pleasant discussion with others. Once the dinner was almost finished our team met their friend from Warsaw (Poland), Mr. Aleksander Wąsik, the President of Polish Vending Association (PSV). They have met in Paris back in March 2015 at Vending EXPO. It was a good occasion to have a burger, good wine and for sure a nice conversation. Mr. Wąsik unveiled some ot the latest trends in vending business and shared his oppinion about Printbox: “It is time that Printbox finally comes to Polish market“.


Future expactations and opportunities in vending industry

Being present at such a fair gives people totally different perspective of what might come next. Our team had a chance to talk with many exhibitors to hear their company visions and competitive edge for impact on vending industry future. Consumables and items achievable through “push of a button” solutions are present for decades. They have changed consumption behaviour of the consumers due to their mobile way of living and positive attitude towards vending machines. Vending solutions serve clients with more convenient experience. 14,9 million bevarages and snacks are consumed from vending machines in Germany every single day. And vending industry is in a rise. 545.000 vending machines are located only in Germany. Global number is getting bigger every year. And new vending solutions are comming to the market. Print on the go concept is one of them. In comparrison with other vending solutions, Printbox owns also his own advanced cloud management system with telemetry, cloud storage, remote maintenance and control, automated protocols and many other features. That brings vending solutions to a totally new level. Cloud management system is definitelly a competitive edge of Printbox business concept and together with other members of huge vending industry, we all agree that it assures future advantage towards competitors with many options for merging with other business solutions in the market.