Printbox is a member of German Vending Association

Membership will fasten expansion process to the German territory

High expactations from BDV membership

Our CEO, Mr. Aleš Glavan, was welcomed into the new working week with an email by Dr. Aris Kaschefi, Managing Director of BDV (German Vending Association): “Dear Mr. Glavan, the members of our board have approved your membership application. We like to welcome you as a new member of the BDV, starting the 1st of July 2017.” It was not just our CEO that was honored by such a wonderful message, it was the whole Printbox team. We are finally one step closer to a new business contacts from German market hoping to find a proper partner for Printbox entrance into Germany in the near future. “This is just another proof, that we have the perfect and one of a kind solution for all German population. Together with BDV support I believe we will find 2 or more proper partners for our successful appearance across Germany by the end of this year.”, was very first thoughts of Mr. Glavan after receiving email from Mr. Kaschefi. Printbox team have met BDV for the first time in April this year at Eu’Vend & coffeena in Cologne where they have started the process of placing Printbox on the list of BDV members. Our Marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc, did not hide his happiness about BDV membership: “Membership in BDV is another strategic step following our vision and global expansion plan. It will not just link us to the potential partnership candidates, BDV membership will raise the value and trust into the Printbox business by German business individuals.”


Entrance into German market is tough for any business

Germany is a wonderland for any business seeking success within European Union. No matter what is the business nature, German territory offers many oportunities. With more than 80 million population across the country Germany is placed as number 1 business area for many businesses. It ranks as number one also on the Printbox wish list. It is no secret that entering new markets means barrier with language, national an cultural differences, lack of trust, long traveling distance and many other parameteres that keeps away many enterprises. But with all the potential it is worth trying. Printbox team have made apperarance at many exhibitions, seminars and fairs in its homeland Slovenia and also world wide. The goals was to meet new contacts and to secure new partnerships for Printbox global expansion. Seeking for German business individuals is not an easy task as we already know. For that reason Printbox team have realised that it might not work as a direct contact process. Conclusion was to manage partnership with agents and agencies which will guide Printbox representatives with proper partner in German market. For that reason Printbox signed membership with BDV (German Vending Association) and became its member on 1st of July 2017. BDV counts around 350 members, 200 of whom are independent vending machine operators. There is no doubt this membership has huge value to the Printbox business and will fasten our expansion process to the German market.