Printbox appearance at EDU WEEK in South Africa

12th – 13th July 2017, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

Printbox shines like a star for the first time in South Africa at education conferenceĀ 

Printbox team is putting enormous effort to follow their expansion strategy across the world. Due to our cloud management system, the distance between our head office and our business partners is not an obstacle. We might give same support and quality of services to partners from neighbour markets as well as to those on the other side of the globe. After Zambia and Bahamas as two very distanced countries, Printbox finally made a new partnership for all South African countries. We have arranged anĀ distribution agreement with Exclusive Kyocera partner for South African territory, Page Automation. Target clients are national universities and schools where Printbox will definitelly improve document printing options to everybody and at several high frequent locations. Presenting Printbox print on the go concept (with Kyocera colour laser printing unit inside) at the education fair in Johannesburg was a must and best possible idea to launch Printbox.

Kyocera color laser printing unit for maximum consumer satisfation

Printbox kiosk is complete, stand alone, self-serviced solution for on the go document printing. It comes with user interface application which is operated via touchscreen, it has advertising screen and many other electronic parts. Kiosk also includes printing unit. We might install any printing unit available on the market that fits into the kiosk. There are many choises on the field. As our team is focused on developing the software part of the business and establishing blogal network with adding new markets, making agreement with partner for printing units was a very welcome strategic move. The Kyocera Group is a leading global supplier of printers and many other electronic components and gadgets. They are pioneers in printing technology and has much better knowledge about printing units and their maintenance. Such a partnership has enormous value to the Printbox company and future global expansion.

First reactions to Printbox Kyocera document printing machine

Mike Sawyer, representative of Page Automaten company, has summarised his thoughts after the first day at the EDUWEEK: “So far the expo is going exceedingly well. The attendees are very impressed with the business model and we already have customers preparing financial applications to have the devices installed at their premises.” We were cautious with expactations in South African market and first reactions. Having the right business partner such as Page Automation with years of experiences in many markets, this is exactly what we were loking for and are even happier with these results from the first day of the fair.